About Hnnoix

HNNOIX India: Pioneering Transformative Innovations and Smart Solutions with a dynamic market focus towards 6G, IOT Solutions, healthcare, Agriculture, and other emerging areas.

HNNOIX India is a groundbreaking platform dedicated to catalyzing global transformation across various economic sectors. Our mission revolves around developing and enhancing advanced innovative solutions, fostering new ideas that redefine human life, and elevating living standards. With a diverse team of experts, we specialize in creating creative and intelligent solutions poised for the next generation, extending our support to business partners in diverse fields to achieve unprecedented success.

Our overarching goal is to position India as a futuristic and smart leader on the global innovation stage, with a significant focus on contributing to 6G standardizations, and power optimization under multiple areas and public issues. Leveraging the expertise of world-class professionals in various domains, we are poised to bring about impactful changes in our partners’ businesses. Our commitment extends beyond business success, as we actively contribute to India’s upliftment by harnessing the best talents and providing opportunities on the global platform.


Research and Innovations

CEO Desk

Hargovind Bansal, an accomplished professional renowned as a Global Inventor, Published Author, and Engineer, holds a Master’s degree from BITS Pilani and boasts an impressive career spanning over 17 years in the technology sector. His extensive expertise encompasses diverse domains such as satellite communication, networking, location technology, artificial intelligence, Healthcare technology and the progressive landscapes of 4G, 5G, and 6G technologies.

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